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Acromegaly communities and resources

If you or someone you care for has acromegaly, there are several groups and websites that may help.

Acromegaly Community

This is a support network run by patients for people touched by acromegaly. It offers information on issues such as surgery, medication, radiation, and postdiagnosis support. In addition, it provides a network of emotional support for acromegaly patients, as well as their friends and family.

Hormone Health Network

This is the public education affiliate of The Endocrine Society. Its mission is to be a resource for the public by promoting the prevention, treatment, and cure of hormone-related conditions.

Pituitary Society

This website presents articles on pituitary diseases, information about International Pituitary Congress programs, the Pituitary Society Newsletter, and tables of contents from back issues of the society's journal Pituitary.

Pituitary Network Association (PNA)

Founded by a group of patients with acromegaly, this is the website of an international nonprofit organization. The PNA is the world's largest patient advocacy organization for people with pituitary tumors and disorders.

Pituitary World News (PWN)

PWN connects thought leaders to patients and brings up-to-date information on health-related matters of importance to those with pituitary tumors and other pituitary disorders.

The links above are for your convenience. These websites are neither owned nor controlled by Pfizer. Pfizer does not endorse and is not responsible for the content or services of these sites.

Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaisons

Patient Affairs Liaisons serve as professionals dedicated to connecting patients and caregivers with Pfizer educational information and programs. Patient Affairs Liaisons also work with community-based patient organizations to understand their needs and provide patients and families with educational programs about living with rare diseases such as acromegaly. Patient Affairs Liaisons do not provide medical advice and will recommend that any treatment-related questions be referred directly to a healthcare provider. SOMAVERT patients can receive communications from a Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaison by visiting the website