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SOMAVERT works in a different way from
other acromegaly medications

Acromegaly is a chronic disease, usually caused by a benign (not cancerous) tumor on the pituitary gland. The high levels of growth hormone (GH) caused by the pituitary tumor lead to too much of a protein called insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I). This causes abnormal growth of tissues and organs.

SOMAVERT is a prescription medicine for patients whose acromegaly has not been controlled by surgery or radiation. The goal of treatment with SOMAVERT is to reduce blood levels of IGF-I to normal.

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SOMAVERT is the only medication for acromegaly that works by blocking the activity of GH in the liver

Blocking GH activity helps to reduce levels of IGF-I. Having less IGF-I in the body may help improve some of the signs and symptoms of acromegaly.

SOMAVERT works in a different way than other acromegaly treatments. Talk to your doctor to find out if it may be right for you.