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Starting on SOMAVERT

Starting on SOMAVERT

Like any new patient, you may have a lot of questions about starting SOMAVERT. In addition to talking with your doctor, you can find information about SOMAVERT here.

The first dose of SOMAVERT

  • Before you start treatment with SOMAVERT, your healthcare provider should do blood tests to check your liver and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) levels
  • SOMAVERT is a once-daily injection given under the skin using a small, thin needle
  • Your first dose will be given in your doctor’s office
  • After your first dose, you will not have to go to your doctor’s office to receive subsequent doses; you or your caregiver will give the injection
  • Always inject SOMAVERT as instructed by your doctor. Your doctor can adjust the dosage you receive to make sure you get the optimal amount of medicine

The SOMAVERT Injection Placemat provides instructions for taking your SOMAVERT treatment

IGF-I levels need to be monitored

When IGF-I levels are too high after surgery or radiation, patients may still be at risk for symptoms of acromegaly.

This is why it’s important to bring IGF-I levels down to normal.

  • IGF-I levels can be measured using a simple blood test ordered by the doctor to see if SOMAVERT is needed
  • After treatment begins, the doctor will order additional IGF-I blood tests every 4-6 weeks to see if SOMAVERT is working or if the dose needs adjustment
  • Once your IGF-I levels are normalized, you may only need to have tests once every 6 months
  • Your doctor may also run other tests in order to check your liver

You should work closely with
your healthcare team to set goals for normalizing IGF-I levels

Important information to remember

  • Store the package of SOMAVERT in a refrigerator. Do not freeze it!
  • After mixing the powder and liquid (do not shake), you may keep the mixed medicine at room temperature inside the vial or syringe, but you must inject the mixed SOMAVERT within 6 hours
  • If you forget to give yourself an injection of SOMAVERT, skip that dose. Get back on your schedule the next day
  • Do not inject a double dose to make up for a forgotten injection
  • If you have any questions about using SOMAVERT, ask your doctor