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Personalized Treatment Support

Patient treatment support from the beginning

Starting a new medicine can mean lots of questions—and, sometimes, hurdles to getting your treatment. That’s why Pfizer created the Pfizer Bridge Program®*

When you enroll in the Pfizer Bridge Program, you are assigned a Patient Care Consultant (PCC).

*Certain programs and services powered by Pfizer RxPathways®.

Helpful services from your PCC

Your PCC can assist you with:

  • Evaluating your insurance coverage and submitting necessary paperwork, when allowed by your insurance company
  • Coordinating between you, your family, your doctor’s office, your insurance company, and your pharmacy
  • Arranging for a nurse to come to your home to teach you how to inject SOMAVERT if requested by your doctor
  • Scheduling nurse training on self-injection

Actual acromegaly patient.