Stay on Track With SOMAVERT Survey

Thank you for participating in our Stay on Track With SOMAVERT survey. We are interested in hearing about your experience with the program and how we may improve. Your responses will remain anonymous and no private data will be collected. Please be sure to complete the survey fully before submitting.

Since registering for the Stay on Track With SOMAVERT® Program, how has it helped prepare you along your treatment journey?

How informed do you feel about acromegaly resources and SOMAVERT support?

Have you established a support network that you’re able to share your thoughts and feelings with?

Has the Stay on Track With SOMAVERT Program contributed to helping establish and/or be a part of your support network?

What aspect of our communications do you find most helpful or useful? Please choose one.

What is least helpful or useful for you? Please choose one.

Which of these topics would you benefit from receiving more information about? Please choose one.

How would you rate the frequency of emails from the Stay on Track With SOMAVERT Program?